Mass Payout


What is Mass Payout?

This is a quick way to send payments, refunds and general payments to your agents or customers. This allows you to send multiple payouts at once.

Inquiry about Mass Payout can reach our merchant support

Email :

How it work?

When a mass payout request is made, we will continue to process each payout requested. We will then withdraw the payout amount from your merchant account and transfer it to the recipient’s bank account accordingly. After the payout is sent, you will receive a notification email. Then you can log in to the eGkash portal and get the details of each transaction

Reason to used Mass Payout

A faster, simpler, and possibly more cost-effective payment solution

Allow your organizations to pay multiple recipients in one-time

Automate the process, reducing risk while saving your valuable time

Save on costs by banking fees and eliminating the need to manually cut and mail checks