Subscriptions Payment


What is Subscription Payment?

Gkash Subscriptions allows you to set up recurring payments, regulate the billing period, and receive quick notifications on subscription activities. It’s as simple as linking a plan to a consumer. Allow us to take care of the rest.

How it work?

Subscriptions do not require the customer’s involvement. It’s an automated payment collecting method that requires the customer’s one-time approval through an authentication transaction.

  1. The customer’s approval is sought before recurring payments are collected. This approval process works just like any normal payments with the 3D Secure authentication step. This is what we refer to as an authentication transaction.
  2. Once the authentication transaction is successfully completed, the card is automatically charged at the start of every billing cycle.
  3. For every recurring payment, Razorpay automatically generates an invoice that includes customer and subscription details along with your branding. This makes Subscriptions an end-to-end solution.