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WHITE LABEL with Gkash:

White labelling essentially allows you to put your branding and logo on a third-party tool and present it as your own. White-label software on the web and tech industries is a newer practice. This is when software and development services are sold unbranded by one company and then sold and branded by another.

“White label” refers to a fully supported product or service that’s made by one company but sold by another. White label products and services are purchased by the latter company without branding. That way, the reseller can customize the product with their own brand, logo, and identity, allowing customers to associate the product with the reseller. Meanwhile, the manufacturer can focus on finding cost-effective ways to make the product, without concern for the product’s marketing.

White label solutions work well for everything from cereal to tickets. Grocery stores sell cereal and other products with their own brand name at a discount to other brands. Similarly, ticket resellers can manage their ticket inventory more efficiently through a white label solution. This also increases distribution so that fans have more choice in where they can purchase tickets.